This section contains photos taken during my PhD (from 2008-2014). I like to call this section "Life as a Graduate Student (But, Only the Fun Stuff)". See blurbs below for more details.

The Currie Lab. From left to right: Julio Rivera, our advisor Dr. Doug Currie, me, Ruben Cordero, and Patrick Schaefer.

My first time collecting black fly larvae.

Cytogeneticist and collaborator, Dr. Gerald Shields, with his portable lab in Montana, USA.

Black fly larvae everywhere!!!

Doug Currie sporting his new beard.

Top: Doug Currie's black fly birthday cake, made by lab technician Kristen Choffe and me; Bottom: black fly larvae attached to a rock - see the resemblance.

An elephant at the Royal Ontario Museum!!!

Team 'Toad and Tarts' from the Royal Ontario Museum rocking the Race for Dignity Challenge. That's me, second from the right.

Zip lining in Costa Rica before the 7th International Congress of Dipterology. I'm second from the left.

Gingerbread Doug (made by The Currie Lab) and the real Doug Currie collecting in Montana, USA.

Collecting in British Columbia, Canada.

Here, I'm drying larvae and putting them into a preservative.

A pile of black fly larvae.

Doug Currie at the Queen City Yacht Club, Toronto Islands, Canada.

Lab badminton!!! Patrick Schaefer and Chris Blair versus Ruben Cordero and me.

Patrick Schaefer and the bald eagle have the same wing span!

Honey, I shrunk the lab.

Team 'Evolution' ready for rapids after the 1st Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology, Ottawa, Canada.

Team 'Evolution' taking on Ottawa river's Devil's Tongue.

Collecting in New Mexico, USA.

Searching for gold in Colorado, USA. I'm at the left mining for black fly larvae, while the men at the right are panning for gold.

My collecting partner, aqua-man (aka. Dave Winter), recording GPS coordinates in California, USA.


Collecting into the evening. What a beautiful view!